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Kites helps you design content quickly, increase engagement with your audience and optimize your mobile marketing campaigns.


Design irresistible content

No Code multimedia editor

Design mobile content with our user-friendly, intuitive editing tool. No technical design knowledge required!


Choose from a wide variety of slide types and pre-defined templates to create a professional look in minutes.

Interactive content

Add customized buttons, surveys and forms so that users can interact with your content.


Add photos, illustrations, icons, videos, music, interactive maps, and more! With Kites you can personalize your creations however you wish.

Kites Crea

Capture your audience’s attention

Customized link

Post your content online using a fully custom URL and share it through whichever channel you choose.

QR Generator

Create your own QR codes to promote your Kites effectively, and provide your audience with interactive experiences.

Social media

Offer interactive content to your followers, and interact with them through surveys and drawings, by giving them discounts, and more…


You can share catalogues, forms, general information about your products or services, and provide information about events.

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Reach smart decisions without using cookies

Analytics dashboard

Measure data in real time to optimize your campaigns. Integrate Kites into your CRM and maximize its potential to manage your leads. 100% reliable data without using cookies.

Unleash the



Share your Kites with links and QR codes that give quick, easy access to your audience any time.


Design content that creates deeper experiences around your products, services and events.


Use our templates or builder to create visual assets in minutes without having to hire a design specialist.


Create bespoke interactive experiences that capture the audience’s attention and encourage interaction.


Optimize your marketing strategy by using our powerful, 100% reliable live data analysis tool that does not require cookies.


It offers a customized visual experience that allows your brand to stand out from the competition.

Integrate Kites with the other tools you use

Integrate Kites with all of your work tools trouble-free, fast and easy.

What our customers are saying

Endless possibilities

Create interactive mobile content instantly. Imagination is the only limit, and here are some ideas to help:

Presentación digital
Digital presentation
Anuncio Popup
Interactive ads
Catálogos digitales
Digital catalogs
Contenido interactivo Qr
Interactive content for QR
Información packaging
Information for packaging
Cuestionarios personalizados virtuales
Virtual personalized questionnaire
Info para eventos
Info for events
Link in bio para redes sociales
Link in bio for social media
Presentación móviles
Mobile presentations
Recorridos virtuales
Visual tours
Sorteos y encuestas
Sweepstakes and surveys
Tarjeta de presentación digital
Digital business card

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