360° virtual tours: a new way to explore reality

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Virtual tours are the best way to give your future customers a closer look at all kinds of items, providing them with the convenience of doing this from their own homes. You can take advantage of this innovative marketing strategy, which your competitors may not have implemented yet, to stand out in the market. Companies are increasingly turning to this method, because it has proven to have very effective results.

What is a 360º Virtual Tour?

A 360º virtual tour is a very easy tool to access as a result of the ease provided by the latest technologies. The number 360 refers to the degrees in the viewpoint through which users can move through an application, based on a collection of images that show a place or object as if you were looking at it in real life.


A tour of these characteristics grants great freedom of movement, allowing users to check out every detail within a space, whether indoors or outdoors, or any physical item. The potential for displaying items and places is huge, and it helps customers experience a visit to a certain place without leaving their home. They simply connect with the place or item from their devices (whether cell phone, tablet or computer).


All they need is an Internet connection and a device with the proper characteristics to display a 360-degree virtual tour. If you want to promote a space or even a series of items, giving your users or customers this experience is sure to confer many benefits to you and your company.

Benefits of adding a 360° Virtual Tour to your site

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If you already have a website or you are looking for a website where you can implement a 360-degree virtual tour, you should not miss out on the opportunity to add interactive pages. Users of such pages will be given full freedom to take an up-close look at your products.


One of the first advantages that potential future buyers can enjoy is saving time, which means not having to travel to your physical store or office. By being able to see what you offer from their mobile phone, and not having to leave the comfort of their home, they are encouraged to come back to your website over and over again, thus helping to win over their loyalty.

An open store every day of the year

Another advantage that the Internet offers you is the potential for displaying your products 24 hours a day, regardless of whether it is a holiday or a work day. You can enjoy even further benefits if you also allow users to tour places of interest that you have for sale or for rent. If you are currently attempting to promote properties, this makes the process much easier for future buyers and tenants, who do not have to travel to a place or house in order to learn about all of its characteristics.

Promoting brand trust

By showing the place or product through 360-degree images, you are making it easier for users to make the decision to complete a purchase. Plus, you stay one step ahead of your competitors who are not yet using this type of interactive tour.


Showing all of the different spaces in the property while giving buyers the freedom to explore the space in as many virtual tours as they wish will increase the positive expectations they feel about your brand and inspire greater trust.

Longer opening hours with a website or app

Users taking 360º virtual tours can turn into hours spent on your website or app. In many cases, this can be synonymous with high revenues while, in others, it can mean you become much more visible on search engines. This ends up channeling an increased flow of visitors towards your online store and, as a result, boosted numbers of potential customers.


The sooner you start interacting with your customers in this way, the greater your potential in the global market.

Attract the attention of a planet wide market

A virtual tour is the best way to get the word out about your company abroad. You already know how many corporations have extended their sphere of influence to several continents thanks to the Internet. By increasing the demand for your products, it grows easier to gain greater trust from future creditors, who can give you the economic boost you need to succeed in other countries.


If you’ve ever dreamed of expanding your brand, a 360-degree tour can be the solution, especially since there is not yet as much competition in this market.

You save along with your customers

As well as saving time, creating a tour with these characteristics is not a huge expense, but rather quite the opposite. Imagine having to meet every customer in person at a certain place. During each appointment, you might be missing out on opportunities to approach other customers who might be interested in what you are selling.


In terms of the benefits for users, you also save them crucial time and money involved in traveling to meet you. If any potential customer also has to travel from abroad to get to know your products, by showing them to that buyer online, you are providing an added advantage that will be recognized in the form of a good opinion about your company.

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360º Virtual Tour Examples

Interactive marketing and the examples of it that can be found online are quite varied. In the realm of culture, it has given people the opportunity to visit famous museums around the world, as well as ancient cities, some of which have actually no longer exist after destruction with the passage of time.


The real estate industry is also benefiting from this technological advancement, because it allows customers to see properties up for sale or rent before making a decision, no matter how many miles away they happen to be from the property’s location.


Other examples demonstrate how to create content for social media, by providing these types of tours in precisely the right places with the most activity by users on the Internet. Marketing studies have revealed that an appealing statement coupled with a link to a virtual tour can be enough to generate interest. Remember that consumers enjoy interactive experiences, and it is always very appealing to them to get the chance to visit new places without having to leave the comfort of their own home.


Food and electronics stores can make shopping feel more realistic by allowing potential buyers to walk down aisles and take a closer look at the products that catch their eye so that they can check out their features.


When you offer virtual tours to your customers, you make the shopping process easier for them, while at the same time instilling greater brand loyalty in them. Every little detail is important to shoppers, and in a 360-degree tour they can take a closer look at them all.


Kites offers you the possibility of creating a unique virtual tour that can be customized with images or videos. In addition, you can create your own design by using the various templates we make available, thus easing your workflow while increasing your number of conversions by creating exclusive, valuable content.

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