6 examples of product catalogs you should know about

6 ejemplos de catálogos de productos

If catalogs have been kept around over time, it is for one reason alone: they continue to work as a powerful marketing tool. This is because catalogs come in a format that has adapted to the times and evolved. Virtual and online files are currently the most profitable way to advertise items for all parties involved.

Let us tell you all about the benefits of creating an online catalog and 6 examples you should know about.

How to create an online catalog and why

Having an online catalog in general and an interactive one in particular is more than a necessity: it is an urgent “must.” And this is no exaggeration: Did you know that, according to some solid studies, there are 1.92 million users willing to make purchases online? Don’t you think it’s important to know that online sales account for more than 13% of total retail sales today? Well, if these figures are not convincing enough for you, you should also know that some studies suggest that in 2040 this figure will reach 95%. The time has therefore come to jump on the bandwagon and try to get served a bigger piece of this tempting pie.


What exactly is a digital product catalog?

As you can imagine, it is a file in which photos of articles and prices are inserted but in digital format. That is, you access it through a link or an address. It is a format of greater scope than the paper one, since it can be sent through e-mail in a massive and comfortable way. In just one click.

products catalog

Likewise, these dossiers allow a series of licenses impossible in the paper format. The insertion of videos, instructions for use, on the website, or direct purchase are some of the advantages we are talking about. In addition, with these formats you will save on production costs, and you will be able to change prices or articles in a straightforward, simple way.


It is a proven fact that publishing such catalogs helps you increase your brand’s competitiveness. Why is that?:


●   You increase your brand’s engagement. How come? Because carefully designed, well-managed interactive formats draw the attention of future and potential customers. Don’t forget that every user is estimated to receive more than 4,000 advertising messages on a daily basis. And this is the best way to attract attention within such a complex situation.


●   You improve the user experience. If a potential customer comes across your catalog, checks out your products and even ends up making a purchase, you will have increased the quality of their experience, a highly recommendable outcome for any brand indeed. Another identifying mark that helps you stand out and have an impact through positive word-of-mouth advertising.


●   You will generate a greater number of leads. This is not at all surprising if you consider that providing access to a catalog is a great way to create appealing, high-quality content and an excellent method to draw leads towards your e-commerce platform.


Is it difficult to design a product catalog?

We can only answer this with a resounding no, thanks to the free tool known as Kites. Although there are paid versions, the free version of this system offers you an endless number of templates that you can use to create the type of interactive dossier which we are sure you will want to have. It is a simple, highly intuitive tool. There is no need for you to have any prior knowledge or a professional computing or design background. This website for creating product catalogs makes the whole task simple for you.


In general terms, you only have to fill in the templates, and after following just a few simple steps you will have created your catalog file, being given the possibility to include all sorts of visual features. You may also insert links to redirect customers towards specific items or their shopping cart.


Customize your digital product catalog

As well as being easy to manage, Kites is aware that a catalog which offers specific physical merchandise is not the same as a catalog that offers services. This is just one example among the six ideas to keep in consideration when designing a product catalog.

1. Services
If you are in the services industry, brace yourself: you are going to have a hard time choosing a template. There are many different themes to choose from until finding the one that best fits in with your brand image. Don’t forget to provide customers with full details on the services you want to promote, stated in a clear and simple description.


2. Products

If what you need is a template to promote specific items and products, take a look at the templates designed especially for this purpose. You can choose from template types that are more or less visually oriented, but no matter which one you go with, the tool will provide you with the most suitable options in this sense.


3. Special deals
This is one of our most popular templates. As with the rest of the sample templates, our website puts the product catalog format that best suits the type of offering you want to promote right at your fingertips. Linking these special deals to the items so that leads get turned into conversions is one of the major advantages of this template, as well as all the other template samples.

digital catalog of products

4. Materials
This is yet another example that we could not leave off the list, and it has its own section on our site. Making tasks easier is one of the most important objectives of this tool.


5. Events
Events are another of the most advertised items today, in an industry that places a high value on image. The best cover letter for the product you are working hard to sell, the templates chosen for this purpose must show great attention towards style.


6. A template designed for activities
When it comes to this digital product catalog template, it must invite to people to take action, without a doubt. That is why the page to make the catalog using these templates offers you highly visual examples, with videos playing an especially prominent role. In any case, you can implement the same options in all of our templates.


As you can see, creating an online catalog is easy if you just have the proper know-how. Go to our website and browse through the templates described in this post. Start making a commitment to get that irresistible piece of the online pie.

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