Everything you need to know about marketing for entrepreneurs

marketing para emprendedores

Marketing for entrepreneurs can be the master key that helps conquer markets which you couldn’t even have dreamt of when you first opened your business. The truth is that, in the battle between David and Goliath, the former may possess one essential advantage: good communication. A smart marketing plan is therefore the best tool for start-ups to break into markets that are already full of competitors. In this post, we explain everything you need to know to use advertising to your advantage.

Why is marketing important to a company?

The truth is that the resounding need for freelancers and small and medium-sized companies to have a digital marketing plan is something not always taken into account. There are many entrepreneurs who end up putting this task off for some later date due to a lack of time or knowledge about it. To avoid making this mistake, review these main advantages of betting on a marketing plan.

1. It will help you find a niche

You have to get it right when you choose who to target, and this means segmenting your audience in the proper way. One of the biggest advantages of advertising is that it always focuses on a specific target. Because of the way this works, you always have to think about the audience you are aiming your message at. In addition, by using data analysis, you can see which niches are the most suitable for your business and which are less so. By doing this, you will end up homing in closer on your target audience, which will increase your chances of success.

2. You will fix your company’s weaknesses

Maybe the market you want to enter is quite crowded. In that case, aggressive, original communications will be very helpful in opening up a niche for you. And what happens if you fail to position your website? Well, a SEM plan will be essential for helping consumers find your brand. You will quickly discover that there is always a potential solution for every problem related to online advertising.

3. The most effective way to attract traffic

You can focus all your efforts on offering the best product or service. However, without efficient communication and a good marketing plan, this kind of progress will fall on deaf ears. In fact, just as important as offering excellent products is being able to convey a strong message about them. Hence, the unquestionable need for advertising.

Marketing is therefore of the utmost importance. Bear in mind, however, that the benefits mentioned above are fairly general. Depending on what your company is like, you will achieve different competitive advantages.


Todo sobre marketing de emprendedores


Tips and steps to follow when starting up a marketing strategy

Here are a few tips for local businesses to design simple, effective advertising.

Having a website

This is like your online cover letter. It is an irreplaceable resource which absolutely must be put in place as a part of your digital presence. By having a website up, you can sell your products, communicate with your audience, explain who you are and explain your company’s mission. It is a business card you can’t do without.

Create content in networks

Still don’t know how to create content for social media? Well, this is one of the most important steps you will have to take. Explained in a very general overview: you have to find which social media your audience uses most. Once you have figured this out, you have to start creating content that raises interest related to your business, whether you use humor, provide information, offer news or give discounts… Design a plan that will work properly.

Use your customer data

The best thing to do is to consider your inbound marketing strategy. The idea is that you can get hold of some of the customer’s data (their e-mail address, contact number, etc.). This will open the gateway to creating new sales campaigns. For example, with an e-mail marketing plan you can offer discounts or send a newsletter from time to time. This is a great way to create a solid community.

Use paid advertising

Organic traffic, without a doubt, is very useful. However, it is not the only option you should consider. Paying for SEM advertising or ads on social media will also be very useful to compete against larger and older brands that are already very well positioned in the marketplace.

The digital marketing software you need

Technology is your biggest ally, so there are a number of programs for digital marketing that you can use in a simple way to forge your way ahead in this world. We now explain which of the main systems you will come across.


Indispensable for creating content, infographics or any visual features that you are going to include on your website or social media, there is a free version that allows you to create very user-friendly, efficient designs without giving you a huge headache. Regardless of your tech knowledge level, it is highly accessible to use. Plus, another great advantage is that you can easily find tutorials that tell you how to use this program in the right way.

Google Analytics

If you have a website, you are going to have to measure the traffic that comes in from the users that visit it, which involves using this essential tool correctly. It will give you a lot of very valuable information about the audience you are targeting as part of your business strategy.


A must within the digital marketing plans for freelancers and small and medium-sized companies, you cannot miss out on Mailchimp: send out a newsletter from time to time to report news and attract customers. Thanks to this program, you can do it easily and quickly.


email marketing



Kites offers different tools to make the most of your marketing strategies, including everything from templates to create content to systems for analyzing your landing pages.


Kites allows those with non-specialized backgrounds to create mobile content in just a few minutes. It also offers numerous templates, making it easier to design all sorts of formats: interactive ads, customized questionnaires, virtual business cards, digital catalogs, interactive maps, etc.


Furthermore, users can share your content through QR codes, personalized links and web banners.


By using these programs, you will have covered a large part of the work in the digital strategy for any small and medium-sized company.


Now that you know how to work on marketing for entrepreneurs, remember that this is an essential factor in implementing a successful business strategy. You can start with these guidelines to ensure your brand will travel down a much smoother path than it would without these tools.

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