Interactive marketing: examples of how to engage users in your digital strategy

If we look at examples of interactive marketing, we can see how it is able to improve sales and get people to spend more time on websites. Putting this method into practice means getting the consumers who visit your website on the Internet to feel more involved. By providing different experiences, you can build customer loyalty and increase awareness about your new brand, as well as offering many other benefits.

What is interactive marketing?

Interactive marketing is one of the most promising sales promotion tools to come about in recent times. It allows your website visitors to have an interactive experience, no longer remaining mere observers of the text and images you post. By getting them to experiment and become more enmeshed in your website, your brand will have no problem whatsoever getting stuck in their memory.


By using this option, you take one step closer to building customer loyalty because, quite simply, your website users will want to spend more time in a place they see as fun, which is the ultimate goal of this type of marketing.


We should also mention how important some marketing communication tools can be. By using some of these, it will be easier for you to collect information from users. You can then put this information to work by addressing customers in a more personalized way, thus winning over their trust while also offering them the products that fit in best with their interests.

A few examples of interactive marketing you might use

In recent years, thanks to huge leaps forward in technology, we have been able to learn from many of the strategies used by major brands to attract new audiences and build loyalty among existing customers. You yourself have most likely been drawn towards some company or brand as a result of an interactive experience.


You must use these examples of interactive marketing to enhance your own website experience. There are many to choose from, including chats, games, surveys and so much more, all of which are fairly simple to add to your website.

what are qualitative surveys

Online surveys

Surveys can serve many purposes. On the one hand, you collect information from users, which allows you to analyze their tastes in order to improve your market presence, which will then allow you to offer better products to satisfy their wants and needs.


You also get website visitors to stay on your page longer. Whether consciously or unconsciously, this allows them to assimilate information about your company and brand, memorizing its name or simply arousing their curiosity so that they continue to want to learn more.


You can use surveys to offer all sorts of discounts and products that may be of interest to shoppers. If you entice them with the promise that they can get discounts after completing the survey, you may be able to collect even more data from your future customers. That way, you can use personalized emails to offer further deals to them in the future and earn their loyalty.


Contests are always highly appealing to users, especially when they are given the chance to get something for free. This sort of interactive marketing tool tends to go viral quickly, especially if you offer some product that is highly sought after. Holding a contest or drawing allows your audience to multiply in number and provides an excellent opportunity to make your company better known.


It is advisable to hold contests and drawings from time to time so that your audience is given the proper incentive they need to keep visiting your site. Plus, if you post articles that show people receiving the prizes and rewards you give out, you are given a fine chance to show greater authenticity to users, thus making it even more possible to increase their loyalty.

Interactive games

When you create a customized game that talks about your brand, like a word search puzzle in which users have to look for the names of products you sell, you will soon see good results. You might also want to choose a game in which users have to search for differences between two images. This sort of memory game allows you to remind customers about certain aspects of your brand.


If you want visitors to stay on your website longer, you might also decide to use more dynamic games that are not necessarily about your company. The idea is to find something that will cause users to remember your brand and make them want to return to your website as often as possible.

Live chats

Live chats form part of the web design for small and medium-sized companies that one can find online quite often. By using these chats, you can answer many of the questions that future and potential customers have about payment methods, shipping services, etc.


The chat can be carried out with the help of a bot that asks website visitors questions, or you can use actual spokespeople who have direct contact with users. The more personalized you get in the way you deal with customers and consumers, the easier it will be to convince them to buy your products.

3D videos

This is a type of interactive video that enhances the audience’s experience by allowing them to interact in such ways as taking a virtual tour of your store or showing them a specific product from all possible angles.


This is a tool used by many museums to show off a part of their collection, thus spurring interest among potential visitors who may then visit the museum in person. This idea can be very useful if you are seeking to increase your visitor numbers, and even your income.

interactive microsites

Kites, the perfect tool for creating interactive experiences

Kites is perfect for creating inbound marketing for small businesses. Because we are experts at forms of marketing which attract customers, we can help you initiate interactive experiences with users in a very simple way. And you don’t need to have any prior knowledge of programming or design. Nor do you need to invest a lot of time or money, since Kites offers very affordable prices from the very outset.


Through its simple editor, you can generate a template in just the format you need, adding the interactive marketing options that work best for your company or brand. Users will find it easy to share your content by using the QR codes offered by Kites. In a matter of minutes, you will become visible on cell phones and see it reflected in the profits you earn.


Interactive marketing and examples of interactive marketing show you just how much you can achieve with the use of very few tools. Keeping users entertained is the key to building user loyalty and increasing your presence on the Internet.

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