Marketing for entrepreneurs: how to stand out in social media


When it comes to deciding how to create content for social media, you have to know exactly where to begin. Designing a good strategy is essential if you want to win over your target audience quickly. To achieve this goal, you will need tools that help you produce fresh, dynamic content with a flair of its own and, above all, content that engages the target groups you have decided to aim for in advance.

Social media content ideas

When it comes to thinking about social media content, you can see that people come up with a huge range of ideas for social media on a daily basis. It is therefore important for you to check out your competition first and see just how you want to be seen on social media, as well as how you don’t. Some of the strategies you come across may seem inspiring while others will do quite the opposite, being very different from the image you want to convey.


Thus, observing the ways they have done their work online can help you a great deal. Never copy them, but you can take advantage to get a better idea of how you want to show yourself off to your target audience.


What is the first thing you should decide on? You might want to focus on the tone, learning about the way the people you are targeting communicate. Once you know whether you will be using more or less formal language, depending on whether your target is younger or a more adult audience, and whether their purchasing power is higher or lower, you can get a better idea of the right tone to choose, which color palette, the best images and the most fitting models to make them feel truly in tune with the brand so they will want to become a part of it.


Therefore, the logo that will comprise the brand image is the first thing you have to come up with. Then, based on it, you can create a moodboard with everything you need to work from that moment on.


Marketing for entrepreneurs

When a company is opened from scratch, it is usually the business owner who makes all the specific decisions on these topics. Therefore, what we are discussing is a type of marketing for entrepreneurs. The tools that help these entrepreneurs are always of great help, because without too much prior knowledge about design they can put together a well-defined strategy.


For example, having an interactive landing page on social media is vital in increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns on social platforms. By adding interactive features such as surveys, games and demos on your landing page, you can create a more immersive and engaging experience for users.


Kites can be of great assistance and a very strong tool for those without much knowledge of graphic design, or the inability to make a large investment in this area. Because it is a free tool that can be used in so many ways, all of which are easy to use, it allows you to perform different tests until you find the right model to portray your products, services and business in the best possible way.


Interactive marketing features

In addition to creating a logo that fits in with your brand’s essence, you can create all kinds of content for social media attuned to the brand, taking into account other examples of interactive marketing that may help you better relate with your audience.

●   Record videos to make your content more dynamic and engaging.


●   Take advantage of the tools that social media like Tik Tok and Instagram provide, including Q&As, reactions, likes, comments… Adapting your content to these social media will allow you to achieve greater engagement rates.


●   There are several types of content that we can create, from infographics to be sent out in newsletters to images that can be uploaded onto social media, videos, collages, overlays… All of these will allow you to observe how your audience reacts and define what type of content they like or motivates them the most. When each project begins, you have to test all these different techniques to find out which should be set aside and which ones to implement.


●   The same is true for the typesetting and colors you choose, along with any sorts of visual features you have added, like images, photographs or drawings. Time will tell which ones really fit in with the content, product and audience, or tell you that change is ultimately necessary. And change need not be viewed as a problem, because it often becomes the key to success. Most of the time, the public knows how to recognize it.


What is mobile marketing

Mobile marketing includes all of the techniques used to attract the public through devices such as cell phones and tablets. Because people are always on the move, these devices make it easier to identify their tastes, habits and lifestyles.


If you are still wondering what mobile marketing is, we might further mention that it is used to study and control people’s habits, the places where they usually go, the activities they do, and more… And this data is used to launch specific campaigns to capture their attention. Implementing tools like Kites, you can surprise the people who stroll in front of the store by showing them an advertisement with a flash offer.


We are undoubtedly dealing with an unprecedented way of approaching the public that has never been seen before, but the positive side is this allows us to achieve greater engagement and -why not mention it?- greater reach and conversions in sales.


Marketing communication tools

All of these are different marketing communication tools that will help you position yourself in a market filled with many competitors.


The most important thing to remember in this world is to remain visible, to stay in the spotlight and to achieve proper positioning.


To do this, you can start by creating engaging content, using tools like Kites that allow you to create fresh, exciting content that bears your signature and that of your brand, while ensuring you stand out from your competitors.


If you also have a website, you will use search engines to achieve the right positioning and make sure you are found before your competitors are.


Plus, you can work with different influencers to help you improve your reach and get far more people to become familiar with your brand. This is a truly positive new method, since it gives you a way to position yourself organically using real opinions. If you choose the right people, those who best fit in with your philosophy, they can be of great help.


There are many ways to think about how to create content for social media today, but if you choose the methods that truly work and you put the best tools to use, you can get set up in that niche you are now yearning to occupy in today’s market.


Create your own Link in Bio on Kites and enjoy major advantages. This tool will allow you to direct your followers towards many different targeted spaces, including your website, featured products, promotions and additional content. This will maximize your brand’s exposure and increase the chances for customer interaction and conversion.

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