Product analysis: how to evaluate your product’s marketplace success

análisis de un producto

Any worthwhile product analysis means examining how a certain item with your brand is performing among consumers. This can help you on future product launches, as well as improving later designs and ensuring that users get the experience you want them to have.

Digital marketing analysis of the products you sell

With digital marketing analytics, you can gather invaluable insights into the thoughts and behaviors of users who engage with your products. By leveraging this information, you can identify potential buyers even before your items are officially launched for sale.


By tapping into the opinions and feedback of prospective buyers, you have the unique opportunity to make significant improvements to your products. With this enhanced understanding of what appeals to your target audience, you can make strategic changes to your offerings to make them more attractive and enticing, ultimately leading to increased sales and higher profits.


By using sales promotion tools, you will increase the rate of views you get in the market. Plus, you can see figures on the attention paid to your articles over time, thus allowing you to study fads and trends throughout a specific time period and anticipate society’s newer tastes.

How do customers perceive your product before buying it?

Engaging in interactive marketing allows you to gauge the success or failure of a product even before committing to large-scale production. Instead, you can aim for a smaller production run and introduce the product to a select group of individuals who are interested in trying it out.


The following step would be to conduct user tests, in which customers are free to share their experiences with the product or how they have used it in ways beyond its intended purpose.


This will enable you to gain insight into people’s preferences regarding the product’s design, color and usefulness. By conducting a structural analysis, you can also identify potential complementary products that can be bundled with your offering.

análisis estructural

How buyers view your performance

After determining how useful your product is to the market, the next critical step is advocacy and ensuring that it is being utilized for its intended purpose. Providing detailed descriptions and collaborating with intermediaries to share information can help customers better understand how the product works. Ultimately, the objective is to make sure customers are fully satisfied with their purchase and confident in the product’s performance.

Technological analysis becomes crucial

Today, technology plays an essential role in the market, because we can use for promtions and observe users’ reaction through social media or in the form of comments on our own website.


Furthermore, there is the technological aspect which defines the product itself and makes it useful in a specific way. Last of all, it is important to find a balance between the production cost and the investment return we achieve, if it manages to reach good sales figures.

Our products’ profit/expense balance

For our economic balance sheet to remain positive, it is crucial for profits and expenses to be in our favor. To achieve this, we must carefully select suitable partners for distribution and promotion, without incurring high costs that outweigh what we have invested in production.


We must take into account every aspect of the production process, from the raw materials used to the labor and personnel involved. Moreover, we have to consider short and long-term investments, including the option of exposing our product to the international market, which leads to additional costs on logistics and customs duties.


Carefully assessing all these factors is essential to determine success in different markets, while also indicating potential for growth and expansion beyond our natural borders. Ultimately, this can result in improved local business and financial stability.

When comparisons are necessary

In the marketing world, comparisons are indispensable for understanding our brand’s impact on potential customers. When launching a product that is comparable to others already in the marketplace, it is important to assess its impact and potential to outperform competitors by being more competitive, generating sufficient revenue to support future productions.

datos demográficos

Demographic data and interaction of our products

Maintaining a demographic database is crucial for understanding how our products impact a specific society. This means analyzing the age ranges of our customers and understanding their preferences and expectations with regard to our offerings. Additionally, it enables us to identify potential opportunities to create products for other age ranges which may not be interested in certain items.


Ultimately, our goal is to please as many customers as possible. Social media platforms can provide us with valuable insights into the areas where our brand has the strongest sales, as well as the gender of our most loyal buyers. By leveraging this information, we can make informed decisions and create tailored marketing strategies to reach and engage with our target audiences more effectively.

Kites, the tool you need to determine the potential for success

Kites is an invaluable tool for gathering data on users who regularly visit your company’s website and express interest in your products.


By providing access through QR codes, you can forward users to a landing page where they can complete surveys, enabling you to gain insights into your brand’s impact on buyers. This feedback helps you strengthen future productsand achieve greater success in the market by understanding and meeting your customers’ needs.


By analyzing the performance of specific products, you can identify trends and preferences that allow you to offer more appealing items and draw in new customers while retain existing ones. By leveraging the power of Kites, you can position your business for guaranteed economic success by staying ahead of the curve and meeting the evolving needs of your target audience.

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