QR-coded products: enhancing the customer experience

Productos con código QR mejora la experiencia

QR-coded products have become an essential factor in improving the user experience. However, there are many small and medium-sized companies and startups that fail to use them. We clarify exactly what they are so you can get a closer look at their features and benefits.

What kind of information can be stored in a QR code?

Products with QR codes included in their packaging allow you to provide relevant information about your company. This information can include:


●   A virtual business card. It is possible to include the company name, telephone number or postal address, among other elements.


●   A direct link to the website, the blog and also to the profiles in the different social media.


●   The customer service e-mail address.


●   Sending a direct SMS and the company’s phone number.


●   A text with up to 350 characters.


●   A calendar of events.


●   Geolocation to know where the company is located.

Geolocation with QR code

The benefits of including a QR code on product packaging

The benefits are diverse, and all help resolve the end customer’s doubts when selecting a product. The most important advantages are:

●   Complete product information. It is possible to know its nutritional contribution, its ingredients and other complementary details.


●   The inclusion of direct links to explanatory videos that show how to use the article.


●   The possibility of accessing social media directly to benefit from specific promotions.


●   Access to an instruction manual in several languages.


●   Redirection to the application download page.


●   The option to read reviews from other customers.


●   Differentiation from the competition.


The sum of the above aspects results in increased organic traffic and improved search engine rankings. For a modest price, it is possible to start a more prosperous and successful stage.

How does a QR code impact mobile marketing?

We understand mobile marketing as the promotion of your company on mobile devices. Its effectiveness is unquestionable in the promotion by proximity, and also when taking the customer to the digital or physical store.


In addition, it is very easy to introduce promotional and loyalty coupons to increase sales. Likewise, the use of interactive content causes the end user to spend more time interacting with your proposal. The longer they spend reading something on your website, the more likely they are to remember your brand when they decide to buy a product available in your catalog.

Improve customer experience

Kites, much more than a QR code generator

Although the code you need can be generated in less than five minutes, Kites offers you other alternatives that you will not find in other generators such as:

●   The option to create QR codes for each new post on your blog or for each promotion.


●   All codes are fast loading, which means that the customer can access the website in less than five seconds.


●   Kites offers a real-time results analysis tool. You will always know how many people have interacted with your code. This option allows you to customize each content to the maximum, adjusting completely to the characteristics of your client.


Relying on Kites is synonymous with relying on an ideal alternative to make your promotional campaigns more effective. Don’t forget that 85% of all Internet traffic comes from mobile devices. The sooner you take advantage of this situation, the easier it will be for anyone to access your website and know what you do.


Don’t hesitate, product QR codes are the perfect complement to your packaging. Trust Kites and turn every new promotion into a well-earned success. You are sure to be surprised by the results as your customers begin to show increasing trust in your company’s products and services. You only need five minutes to start a new stage at the helm of your company, so it is up to you to modernize your offerings and adapt to the latest trends in order to earn higher profits. You have certainly made the best possible decision in this regard by turning to Kites already.

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