Sales promotion tools: how to increase your company’s sales

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Sales promotion tools provide you with many advantages when it comes to your audience: you can increase brand awareness , as well as building loyalty among customers who already know about it, or simply clear out inventory if that is your goal, so that you can introduce newer items on the market. If you are not yet familiar with these concepts, trying out Kites will give you a chance to see how you can start gaining a stronger foothold in the market more easily.

Why start using sales promotions?

There are many reasons why you might decide to start promoting your products. Many brands choose to use the method of offering tempting discounts to potential customers of a way to increase brand awareness. These discounts are an appealing deal that invites customers to make purchases. However, having a good argument alone is not always enough to encourage people to buy a product. In order to succeed in the market, more precise tools must be utilized to createa sense of urgency within consumers, encouraging them to go shopping.


One of your objectives may be to achieve an increase in revenue, while also becoming a strong competitor within your industry. On the other hand, launching new products may lead to concerns about getting rid of previous products that did not sell.


Through a good promotion, it may be possible to reduce your inventory, even if this means taking a loss on your initial investments. It is important to consider that, if you don’t sell anything, the loss could be even greater, so in this case, it is all about cushioning the deficit.


Ultimately, a good promotion will not only increase your brand awareness in the wider market. It will also attract new customers while retaining the ones you already have. This leads to increased profits for your business.

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Marketing communication tools and more

Communication with your future customers is crucial for sales. You must keep it polished, and there is no need to use “deep” arguments. Bear in mind that many consumers just need a slight nudge to take a closer look at your brand and consume the products you have on offer. You just have to make them see that they will actually need the product or service, and that the current offer is an opportunity they can’t miss.


Marketing communication tools must take into account the fact that you need to make yourself visible in the market. Fortunately, the Internet and social media are fully available, forming the perfect showcase for approaching thousands of users without having to make huge investments. In some cases, you won’t have to spend a single euro on producing and publishing interactive ads.

Discount coupons and seasonal promotions

Offering discount coupons is often a very enticing resource for buyers, especially when you show them that they only have a limited time period to acquire the product at a lower cost, reminding them that its actual value is much higher than what is being offered at the time.


Promotions are also very seductive: for example, you can offer the chance to buy two units of the same product and receive the second one for half the price.

Rewards programs

Rewards programs are also a great tool to boost purchases. Many brands advertise to their customers that they can earn points on their purchases up to a certain limit, which can then be redeemed for a free product or used to purchase future items at special discounted rates.


This system helps to build loyalty among your brand’s regular customers. Of course, it must also encourage them to make more than one purchase and choose your products instead of the competition’s in order to earn more points.

Free samples

This option requires an investment on your part, especially if you deal with your customers in person, inside of a physical store. However, you can also provide free samples online, giving them away after orders are placed. This can help you publicize your new items and encourage consumers to purchase them.

Free shipping over a certain amount

This incentive, widely used on the Internet, increases online sales, because it encourages customers to buy more than they intended in order to save on shipping costs. Not only do you earn higher revenue on each order, but you also increase customer loyalty, as long as you provide a proper delivery service.


For instance, you can set a minimum threshold of 30 euros for your customers to be given free home delivery. This means that, if they were planning to spend 20 euros, they will prefer to purchase more in order to avoid feeling like they are giving away 10 euros just for receiving your products (assuming that home delivery costs that much). If they cross the 30-euro barrier, they will end up buying more items, with the sensation that they are not wasting their money on a service that they can just get for free.

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Kites as a part of promoting sales 

All of the tools described above can be put to work in your business by using Kites, and it is simpler that you could ever imagine. You don’t need to become a marketing expert to put this tool into action and start seeing the benefits, even in the short term.


Through the use of numerous templates, you can seduce your most loyal customers and prospective buyers. In a format that can be adapted to meet your needs, you can connect with a broader audience and gain insight into their preferences and experience with your products. Simply by downloading a QR code reader, they can enjoy enhanced interaction and take advantage of amazing promotions.


By employing QR codes at events, you can provide exclusive access to your physical and virtual stores for your most frequent customers, enabling them to purchase unique products. Similarly, by placing QR codes on product packaging, they can retrieve their online orders at home and even pay for them on the spot without cash.


Through sales promotion tools it becomes possible to increase awareness about your products and services across a huge market and reach more buyers. If you are just starting out in the business world, Kites can be an excellent way to begin building customer loyalty.

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