Use of QR in smart packaging, a growing trend

El uso del QR en smart packaging

Smart packaging forms part of what we do. Taking advantage of the latest technology, you can join the companies that are achieving market success by adding a QR code to your products. The best way to create a closer relationship with customers is to interact with them. Plus, it is so simple and inexpensive to create QR codes, so it is really a win-win situation with no risk.

What is smart packaging?

Smart packaging is defined as an intelligent form of packaging characterized by offering information to customers through various devices, such as chips and QR codes, thus providing many benefits.


Keep in mind that packaging forms part of your brand’s marketing. If you use attractive packaging, you can get a customer to choose your product over your competitors’. Plus, if you make this packaging smart, the appeal grows even greater.


The packaging in which your product is wrapped may not include much space to provide the written information that customers are looking for. We often see packages with tiny letters, making them difficult to read and causing serious discomfort to the consumer most of the time. By using smart packaging, not only can you do away with long texts on your physical items, you can also sell items in a more visually appealing design.

productos with qr

The use and benefits of QR codes on packaging

By putting out your products with a QR code, you have made the choice to offer something more visually appealing to your customers. We live in a world dominated by the latest technologies. Most people have a cell phone, which allows them to interact with their surrounding environment and other people constantly.


QR codes have gained a great deal of popularity by raising the curiosity of users, who like receiving comprehensive information. This can be exploited with better marketing by creating eye-catching designs and even making the decision to move away from the neutral colors you usually see on these codes, thus giving them new and more colorful forms.

Highlight your brand with QR codes

Many brands have found a way to merge the QR codes on their products with their logos. By doing this, they create a positive association between their company and cutting-edge technology, showing off the image of an innovative company that has a closer relationship with an audience that constantly interacts in the latest possible ways.


Without a doubt, QR code placement should be a subject of study by your marketing professionals, who, in turn, use it to promote better branding, the full set of actions implemented to demonstrate the goals and values you want to convey through your brand. As you are aware, convincing consumers is synonymous with loyalty, which translates into sales growth and better positioning for your company in terms of public opinion.

Easy to make and cost-effective

Compared with many other devices that have been placed onto products in recent years, QR codes allow you to save a lot of money. Imagine what it means to put a microchip onto every item you sell, which would basically achieve the same objectives as a QR code.

Using a QR code can be performed with a computer program, or even more easily through tools like Kites.

Easy to edit

The simple use of QR codes allows you to update product information and keep customers informed at all times, as well as promoting the latest items you release in order to increase your sales.


You just have to enter the app you used to create the QR code if you want to create new links for your users, or simply edit your website content, and by doing so you will be sharing the very latest information with your customers.


Make sure your code is useful for giving shoppers specifics about a particular product. You might want to tell them about the product’s history, when the idea of creating it came about and, of course, the ingredients or ways in which they can use the product. The more comprehensive and dynamic you get with the information you offer them, the more appealing you and your product will become.

Kites, the best interactive QR content generator

If you are looking for an expert QR generator, Kites is the tool you need to position your website.


Use it to create your mobile marketing content. Not only does it allow you to produce content of all kinds, with which future buyers can interact, but by using QR codes, it also allows you to get the most out of your business.


You won’t find any better way to reach your customers and allow them to discover your website than by placing a QR code onto your product packaging. However, as you already know, the first step you have to take is to make the packaging look very visually compelling compared to the competition.

product with QR

The user-friendliness provided by Kites

You don’t need to have much knowledge of the Internet to open a site on Kites and start promoting your company. Once you have, making your first QR will not be complicated either. You just have to try to flee from monotonous designs while figuring out how to make the codes mesh well with your brand identity. That way your future customers will now be able to identify you and click their way towards your products trouble-free.


Invite your buyers to take surveys, in which you can convince them to give you their email address. This will be the key to continuing your marketing strategy in a more personalized way. You can also win them over with online games and other promotions. If you are running a food business, you can show them gourmet food alternatives and have the QR code forward them to your website blog.


In order for your brand to compete in the digital marketplace, you have no choice but to turn to smart packaging, a field in which QR codes have become a huge hit. You can make your products look appealing by improving their packaging design and offering your customers more interactive information.

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