What is mobile marketing? 5 examples that will blow your mind

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Brands today are highly aware of mobile marketing as a concept and everything it has to offer. Mobile marketing consists of using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to connect and interact with different audiences and target groups. The truth is we all have these devices in the back of our minds all day long. Which is why they must be used as an amazing showcase for your advertising, promotion and marketing activities.

How can you take advantage of mobile marketing?

The potential for communication provided by mobile marketing is wide-ranging and effective. The examples include everything from broadcasting interactive ads to generating QR codes and sending out digital catalogues.


To fully utilize all the features at your disposal, it is essential for you develop a thorough familiarity with the medium and everything it has to offer. Some of the main advantages you can put to use are listed below:


  • Mobile marketing allows you to segment and communicate directly with a specific audience.
  • Content is more often viewed in real time, because users always have their mobile phones on hand.
  • The sense of trust and familiarity that we feel when using these devices lends a sensation of proximity in the relationship that is formed.
  • It is inexpensive to spread the messages you want to convey.
  • The response rate is usually higher than rates achieved through other comparable methods.
  • Results can be measured, and constant monitoring of activities performed, as well as comparing various benchmarks and achievements.

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Strategic principles of mobile marketing

Mobile marketing features like virtual business cards are a must as part of your marketing plan. To take the utmost advantage of them, they should be implemented in accordance with the following strategic principles:


  • Become as familiar as you can with the channel and compare all of its potential and communication options.
  • Specify and define your target audience.
  • Set achievable and measurable objectives.
  • Boost synergies through your email marketing actions.
  • Coordinate and merge this activity with inbound marketing.
  • Generate positive, personalized mobile experiences.
  • Communicate with empathy, anticipating and basing your communication on your target’s expectations, wants and needs.
  • Pre-test with a base of loyal recipients who provide feedback.
  • Measure, monitor, correct and improve. Establish accurate metrics and analysis tools.

What is mobile marketing?: Main strategies

These recommendations will allow you to make the most of your mobile strategy. Here are just a few of the strategies you should be putting into practice:


  • Create a responsive website that works well on all devices.
  • Segment your audience and target specific actions for each category.
  • Use WhatsApp and SMS texting. However, avoid going too far to prevent any spam effect.
  • Commit to producing QR codes used to create multimedia campaigns and promote new experiences and features.
  • Develop applications to build customer loyalty and support your brand goals.
  • Leverage gamification to drive positive experiential marketing actions.
  • Consider using Bluetooth to share files or content with customers in your company or business.
  • Share interactive ads in different media: augmented reality, social media and QR codes will eventually deliver them to mobile devices.
  • Conduct satisfaction surveys and share forms that allow you to receive feedback and grow more knowledgeable about your contacts.
  • Send out links and access to downloads of digital catalogues, restaurant menus and company dossiers.
  • Send budget estimates, specials offers and personalized promotions.
  • Stay imaginative and never hesitate to develop new and creative ways to interact with your audience.

Five examples of successful mobile marketing

More and more companies are designing successful mobile marketing strategies. We have selected a series of them that can be used as references for the many existing possibilities. You are sure to draw inspiration from them when you create any of your upcoming campaigns.

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1- Coca-Cola
The sugary soft drink giant has been a pioneer in innovative communication campaigns. Its Coca-Cola Mobile Ad Case initiative was a brilliant idea that achieved both notoriety and a high impact.


The idea was to ask people if they would like to send a bottle of the soft drink to anyone anywhere in the world. After doing this, they would receive a message or video from the recipient to thank them. The campaign’s international scope and the emotional tone formed an experiential activity that grew viral and remained memorable.


2- Ikea
The leading Swedish furniture brand took a big step forward by making its product catalogue more dynamic. By using an app, customers could see how their furniture would look inside their homes. All they had to do was scan a code on their favorite furnishings, aim the device at the area they were interested in changing… and even take pictures!


By doing this, they get an accurate view of how the items will look in their own home. This not only builds trust among shoppers and allows them to feel safer when making purchases. It also saves them time and prevents mistakes.


3- Nivea
Combining mobile technology, health and education is a stimulating formula that this sun protection brand has taken advantage of with a high level of engagement. Nivea Sun’s The project Ad app taught users how to use the product properly from the comfort of their own cell phones.


It also offered a huge advantage to parents. Nivea created a bracelet that could be worn on children’s wrists to show how much solar radiation they had been exposed to since applying the lotion. What does this Nivea strategy suggest to you for your company? Besides providing a service to customers, it is a strategy that also encourages product growth.


4- Scrabble
This famous word game was designed to allow a very heterogeneous audience to become more familiar with the entertainment which this game provides. In order to encourage their interaction with the game, they came up with the idea of giving away free Wi-Fi in a few areas with poor wireless connections and coverage.


Mastery of the language allowed users to rack up the points needed to receive the reward. In all, over 100,000 free Internet minutes were given out, which required more than 6,000 words being deciphered. Many users got hooked on the game.


5- Toyota
The plan carried out by this car company focused on Valentine’s Day. To celebrate the holiday, it organized a WhatsApp-based seduction contest. The goal? To win over an assistant by using their full creativity: videos, written messages, voice notes, photos and all other resources were allowed.


This highly viral campaign saw high participation levels with guaranteed fun. Mobile advertising turned out to be more productive in the realm of love, as well.


So, do you have a clearer picture now? You know what mobile marketing is and what it can do for you. To get the most out of it, sign up for Kites and create high quality mobile content with the greatest ease. Your brand growth will be off the charts!

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