Break the monotony

of newsletters!

Have you ever asked yourself how to create a newsletter that never ends up in the spam folder? With Kites, captivate your readers by creating interactive, animated, and visually appealing content for your emails.

Increase engagement

Turn your newsletter into an interactive experience for your subscribers in a quick, easy and very creative way, all in a matter of minutes.

Discover how other brands have multiplied engagement with their newsletters by designing them on Kites.

Thousands of users have already tried out our interactive newsletters, and increased interaction with their subscribers. You can share them through any channel online.

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Newsletter templates designed specifically for you

You have a wide range of newsletter templates to choose from to create the email that best suits your audience and objectives.

Select one, customize it, share it and get your strategy flying high!

newsletter: prompts

Can’t find the right newsletter template for you?

If you want, send your idea in to us, and we will turn it into an actual design.

Discover the

of using Kites to create your newsletter content

Improve your subscribers' experience

Design a different and engaging experience for your subscribers by adding interactive features to any element of your newsletter Kite.

Customize content

Edit and update your content quickly and easily, making sure it is always tailored to your target audience.

Analytics and feedback

Get valuable information about your subscribers and ask for feedback to improve engagement.

Measure results

Learn more about how your subscribers interact with every part of your newsletter by using our cookie-free analytics.

Discover everything you can create with Kites

Learn about different cases and all of the interactivity and functionality experiences you can offer your subscribers.

Digital catalog
Offer a unique experience to your customers.
Digital invitations
Take your event to the next level with a digital invitation.
Event details and information
Create and share relevant digital content to keep your audience informed.
Giveaways and Raffles
Multiply the participation in your giveaways with an interactive landing page.
Interactive content
Add interactivity and functionality to your digital designs.
Lead generation
Discover the easiest way to create a landing page with interactive content.
Link in Bio
So much more than just a Link in Bio!
QR code on packaging
Stand out with digital packaging, increasing the value of your products.
QR codes for trade shows
Learn about our uses for professional fairs!
QR content
Create an interactive landing page and share it through a QR.
Virtual tour with QR
Captivate your audience and enrich their digital experience.

Discover everything you can create with Kites

Learn about different cases and all of the interactivity and functionality experiences you can offer your subscribers.

Landing sorteos
Multiplica la participación en tus sorteos con una landing interactiva.
Info para eventos
Crea y comparte contenido digital relevante para mantener a tu audiencia informada.
QR para Packaging
Destaca con el packaging digital, aumentando el valor de tus productos.
Link in Bio
Personaliza tu Link in Bio en pocos minutos incluyendo toda la información que quieres compartir a tus seguidores.
Convierte tu newsletter en una experiencia interactiva para tus suscriptores.
Presentación interactiva
Dale funcionalidad e interactividad a tus diseños digitales y aumenta tu oferta de servicios.
Generación de leads
Descubre la forma más fácil de crear una landing con contenido interactivo.
Guía virtual con QR
Cautiva a tu audiencia y enriquece su experiencia digital.
QR ferias profesionales
¡Conoce nuestros usos para ferias profesionales!
Invitación digital
Lleva tu evento al siguiente nivel con una invitación digital.
Catálogo digital
¡Haz que tus productos destaquen!
Mándanos tu idea y nosotros la haremos realidad

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