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Interactive catalogue that you can update and customize in minutes

A platform to create your digital and interactive catalog.
Customize it as you like and keep it always updated.

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Transform your PDF file into an interactive online catalog

Many problems...

Lack of Statistics

Lack of Statistics

Don't knowing who sees your catalog and what is the most viewed. Forget about PDFs

Too heavy to send it

Too heavy to send it

The images are too heavy, downloading takes up too much space and you can'not share the catalogue as you would like.

Difficult to update it

Difficult to update it

It becomes obsolete and you have to resend it every time you update it, wasting time and money.

Sharing Limitation

Sharing Limitation

Few alternatives when sending it and not always ready to be viewed correctly from a cell phone.

Lack of customization

Lack of customization

You send the same static catalog to all customers (Internal and external)

Static Information

Static Information

You are limited in the information you send and it is not interactive.

...but we have solutions for all of them

A platform to create interactive Catalogs will help you to increase your sales by interacting with your customers and measuring what they are interested in.

Unlimited content

Include photos, videos, audios, files, whatever you need without space limit or problems with the size of your files.

Flexible Content

Easily and quickly change what you need without having to resend it or wasting time and money with agencies or external parties.

Interact and get feedback from users

You can include forms, ratings, videos, photos, links to WhatsApp/Mail! Receive feedback, orders or whatever you need.

Customizable according to target

You can customize it to send it to different customers or share it with internal departments.

Easy to share

No space or download needed.
You can share it through a QR, Mail, WhatsApp, Social Networks... Just with a link.

Measure and analyze

Get valuable information to increase sales understanding what are your customers interests.

Templates for your perfect Catalogue

Be inspired by any of our templates and customize it
You can also start from scratch and let your creativity run wild.

You will be able to change it whenever you want according to your objectives

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This is how it works. Easy and fast in a few clicks

Creating a Catalogue on Kites couldn't be easier! Follow these steps to get your Catalogue in just a few clicks

Create your catalog

Create in a few clicks your catalog and organize all the elements as you need. Add additional info, videos, photos, maps... Whatever you want!
We can do it or automate it through a file (Excel, PDF...).

Update it in few clicks

Keep your catalog always up to date!
You will be able to quickly modify what you need without having to send it again.

Analyze data and optimize your results

Analyze which products/services your customers are most interested in and how many people have visited your catalog.

Impress your customers with an innovative catalog

Choose the type of slide and functionalities according to the Catalog you need

Customize your Catalogues as you imagine. You can add all the functionalities that you need for all the slides that you want​

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