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No code Builder for Mobile Microsites

A no code platform to create microsites in few minutes and achieve your objectives
Share your Kites on your web,QR, social media, WhatsApp... Wherever you want!

Try Kites. No credit card required

Create and modify your Microsite easily (no code)

A Kite is a microsite that will make succesfully your mobile campaigns

Design and functionality

Choose from more than 100 Templates to configure and customize your content

Flexible content

You can easily and quickly change the content and design of your site without modifying the link

Mobile first

Designed and intended for mobile experience

Dynamic link

A Microsite with a dynamic link that you can always modify according to your needs

Customized domain

Choose the domain of your Site: one of your own, inside your website or ours (Customized!)

Easy to share

Social media, mails, on and off campaign... wherever you want!
Take advantage of our impressive QR editor to customize yours

Data & Leads

Monitor the impact of your Sites to get qualified leads in your campaigns.
If you want, Kites can be integrated with your CRM

Versatile integration

Integrate it with the tools you use to automate your marketing processes.

Templates for your perfect Microsite

Be inspired by any of our templates and customize it
You can also start from scratch and let your creativity run wild.

You will be able to change it whenever you want according to your objectives

Our customers success in numbers




Bounce RATE


click through rate



This is how it works. Easy, fast and no coding required

Discover Kites in 3 steps

Create and customize your Kite

Choose the template you want according to your objectives.
Customize the content to give the best experience to your users (Remember that you can always update it).

Choose the link of your Kite and Share it

Choose the domain: A new one, inside your website or one that we give you (You can customize it).
Share your Kite on Social Networks, QRs, On and Off Campaigns, Mailing... Wherever you want!

Analyze data and optimize your results

Analyze how they work to understand users and optimize your Kite.
Download your leads in a file or integrate Kites with your CRM.

Kites was born to make your life easier.

Include Kites in your website or wherever you want

Choose the type of slide and functionalities accordint to your needs and objectives

Customize your microsites as you imagine. You can add all the functionalities that you need for all the slides that you want

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Integrate Kites with the tools you already use

We can also integrate it with your internal tools

Time for action!

Put the theory into action and start using Kites!

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