Interactive content creator for QRs

A unique platform that you can create interactive content on to accomplish the goals you hope to achieve with your QRs. Anything you can think of is possible… and so much more.

This is not your regular everyday

QR creator!


Our No Code multimedia editor allows you to choose between different types of slides to create the best experience for your users or start from scratch. You can use our preset templates to create content easily in just minutes. And there’s no need to be a graphic design expert to create top-quality, high-impact content.


Drive unique interactions with your audience and create custom QR codes for your content in minutes. Allow your audience to customize the link and share your content in a more visually appealing, memorable way. Plus, the user experience is sure to be improved by faster loading pages.


Measure your Kites’ impact in real time, providing you with the information you need to make the most out of your resources and achieve more effective results. And thanks to the lead tracking feature, you will figure out which content works best so you can adjust your strategy accordingly. Perfect your campaigns and make the utmost impact!

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